Pet Sitting for Profit by Patti J Moran

Your guide to starting and managing a pet sitting business.

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Cat Fancy magazine and readers call Pet Sitting for Profit "the bible of pet sitting." 
It's estimated that professional pet sitters serve a million clients annually‚ and demand for their services is growing rapidly. 

Updated and expanded for today's entrepreneurs‚ Pet Sitting for Profit‚ Third Edition covers all the fundamentals of starting and operating a pet sitting business. It addresses new challenges and concerns faced by novice and experienced pet sitters alike‚ as well as the issues fundamental to the field. With information on everything from office procedures and personnel to advertising and business forms‚ this book is invaluable to entrepreneurs interested in starting a pet sitting business or making an existing business more profitable. It's laced with real-life stories from professional pet sitters—stories that show how to handle unexpected situations with furry‚ feathered‚ or finny pets or their owners.

Paperback, 223 pages.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: The Concept of Pet Sitting.

What Makes Pet Sitting a Great Career.

Alternatives to Pet Sitting.

The Advantages of Operating a Pet-Sitting Service.

The Need Is Everywhere.

How Much Can You Earn?

What You Need to Start.

Chapter 2: Getting Started.

Research and Resources.

Pet Sitters International.

A Market Survey.

Naming Your Business.

Your Business Logo.

Business License.

Your Office Location.

Basic Office Supplies and Furnishings.

Business Telephone.

Structuring Your Business.

Finding an Accountant.

Selecting a Bank.


Dishonesty Bond.

Chapter 3: Office Procedures.

Using a Computer.

Customer Card System.

Policies and Procedures.

Credit Cards.

Telephone Techniques.

Cell Phones.

Answering E-mail.

Determining Service Areas.

Setting Prices.

Compensating Sitters.

“Always Ready” Service.

Planning for Disasters.

Initial Client Interviews.

Handling Customer Complaints.

Handling Delinquent Accounts.

Chapter 4: Personnel Choices.

Finding Qualified Pet Sitters.

Applicant Interviews.

Sitter Orientation.

Survival Bag.

Sitter Safety.

Sitter Nutrition.

Managing and Motivating Sitters.

Staff Meetings.

Employees or Independent Contractors?

Chapter 5: Advertising: The Means to the Masses.

PSI’s Web Locator.

A Brochure and a Business Card.

A Word About“Licensing”.

Using Your Brochure and Business Cards.

Inexpensive Ways to Advertise.

Do You Need a Web Site?


Yellow Pages.



“Free” Advertising.

More Great Advertising Ideas from Readers.

Chapter 6: Public Relations.

A Newsletter or E-zine.

News Releases.

Public Speaking.

Exhibition Booths.

Special Events.

Business Etiquette.

Chapter 7: Examining the Negatives.

Just Say No.

Industry Challenges.

Don’t Do This!

How to Avoid or Handle Other Problems.

The Best from the Best: Tips from the Field.

Chapter 8: Useful Business Forms.

Designing a Service Contract.


Daily Log.

Evaluation Form.

Client Reservation Form.

Notification Forms.

Additional Forms.

Tips from Pet Sitters.

Chapter 9: Buying‚ Selling‚ or Closing a Business.

How a Business Broker Can Help.

The P’s and Q’s of Saying Good-Bye.

Thinking of Buying?

Chapter 10: Tracking Trends.

Analyzing Your Business Trends.

Crime Deterrence.

Overnight Pet and House Sitting.

Expanded Services.

Closing Thoughts.


Estimated Start-up Costs Checklist.

Helpful Products for Professional Pet Sitters.

Pet and Business-Related Organizations.

PSI Recommendations for Excellence in Pet Sitting.



About the Author:  PATTI J. MORAN
Patti J. Moran developed pet sitting as a profession after starting her own pet sitting business in North Carolina in 1983. After word of her business spread to other parts of the United States‚ Moran was prompted to put her how-to advice on paper; the premier reference‚ Pet Sitting for Profit‚ was published in 1987. Shortly thereafter‚ requests for her pet-sitting business forms led to the start of Patti Moran's Products for Professional Pet Sitters. As others joined her in the profession‚ Moran began the National Association of Pet Sitters in 1989 and also founded Pet Sitters International in 1994. 

Made in the U.S.A.