Every Dog's Legal Guide

Get the nose-to-tail guide to barking, biting, leash laws, traveling regulations and more.

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Every Dog's Legal Guide is a newly revised, up-to-date practical guide to the legal issues that affect dogs, their owners and their neighbors every day, including:

  • dog owners’ liability for injuries
  • dogs that bite or create a nuisance
  • animal cruelty
  • landlords, tenants and dogs
  • traveling with dogs
  • providing for pets at death
  • dealing with veterinarians
  • your rights when buying or selling a dog
  • restrictions on dangerous dogs
  • vaccinations, licenses and other local laws
  • guide, signal, service and therapy dogs

The latest edition of Every Dog's Legal Guide is completely updated with the latest laws of your state that affect your canine.

Author: Mary Randolph, J.D.

314 pages

Printed in the U.S.A.