DO NOT PET - Leash Badge Attachment

A friendly notice to passers-by to not approach dogs during their walks.

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Passers-by who approach or try to pet dogs while you are walking them can be a problem for professional pet sitters and dog walkers. And no matter how friendly a dog is, a startled dog may show signs of aggression. Use this Velcro patch to ensure that you and your dog enjoy every walk!

This simple leash attachment was developed by Pet Sitters International to help deter unwanted interactions with the dogs in your care while on a walk.

This single-sided, embroidered patch is 3.5” round with a Velcro backing. Backing allows for the backside to be removed and then re-applied for attaching the patch to most leashes. A MUST for every pet sitter and dog walker’s survival bag and makes a great client gift for dog owners too!

Sold individually.

Spanish version also available.