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Expand Your Services Today

While the majority of your pet-sitting clients likely have dogs, cats or both, more and more pet-owning households now include birds, fish, cage pets or even horses or exotics.

To best meet the needs of local pet owners and to grow your business, caring for a variety of pets is essential.


Because various pet species have different needs and require different services, you’ll need specialized knowledge and custom business forms.

After our four week Quick Start Program you should have a more in-depth understanding of these other pet species and the different types of pet-care services you can offer, as well as have the business forms needed to document their specialized care requests.

Special Offers

For signing up for the Expand Your Services Quick Start program, you qualify for discounts on products hand-picked to help you achieve your business goal faster and easier (see list of products that qualify for discounts below). Plus, receive Free Shipping on your order.

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Note: coupon codes are specific to this program and each is good for one time use only.

Quickstart Products Include:

Bettas  A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
BirdSitting Service Contract CD
FishSitting Service Contract CD
HorseSitting Service Contract CD
House Sitting Service Contract CD
Looking After Small Pets